16 year old girl from that massive island formerly known as Australia

I spend most of my time on the internet

It me

this is a tab

this tab will tell you that i enjoy troye sivans face

I sometimes wonder if he's even a real human. I am doubtful

This is also a tab

I have a wild love for Tyler Oakley as well. His hair makes me contemplate life.

Oh look, another tab

Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan make me do stupid things, for example; making a tumblr

Why so many tabs

this is my last tab

i promise

Q: do you intend on following a singing career or an acting career?
A: had you have asked me that a couple months ago I probably would of said acting but I’ve kind of got a wave of inspiration, don’t take my word for this because who knows that might just fly away. At the moment I’m kind of pursuing both
-Troye Sivan 2010